Looking at this page, you’re probably considering whether or not psychotherapy could work for you.

  • Maybe you have a relational problem?
  • Could be a difficult decision to take?
  • Are you repeating the same pattern?
  • Can’t you feel your joy and passion?
  • Are you just a little sad and lonely?
  • Do you feel as an outsider?
  • Have you had an uncomfortable experience with another person?

Perhaps you’re thinking, that you ought to solve your problems on your own. You may have good friends, who could help you out, or you could try doing something new. You might be thinking, that it’s a little strange to talk to a complete stranger.

But the psychotherapist is a neutral person who is not involved in your life, a person  to whom you need not pay personal attention. You will get a room, where you can speak in quiet, and somebody’s listening to you only. The psychoterapist asks some questions, that can make you reflect in a new way. This may gradually move your way of seeing things in a more constructive way, and bring you some release.