Couples therapy

As wonderful as it is to get together, fall in love, move in together, have children, as hard and vulnerable the couples relationship gets, when it doesn’t work out. You may lose passion, you don’t feel acknowledged, you don’t feel that your partner is listening. Everyday life may become a tough challenge. Maybe you feel like trying something new, being close to another person, who appreciates you for who you are.

You may have tried intimate dinners our, weekends in nice cities etc., but the difficulties start all over, as soon as you’re back. You may feel sad, if the relationship hurts the children, whether the two of you are arguing or not communicating for days.

Usually it’s the communication, that has gone awry, and has gradually become worse and worse. Certain negative reactions have been established along the way, both know them and expect them. It becomes hard to believe in any kind of change and joy.

Most couples go through crisis, most people sometimes get tired of being two to make decisions in common always. You might disagree on bringing up children, be bored, have conflicts often, etc..
The couples relationship actually needs care most of the time.


Actually all couples might benefit from talking to a extern consultant about their relationship once in a while, in order not to get stuck.

Working with the way of communicating in the relationship, is something, that can bring on a lot of change, creating joy, renewal, hope, passion, new common interests and a lot more.